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  1. Hey Valerie,
    I had a friend who visited the Yokohama Quilt show, too. She thought it was amazing.. and not at all what she expected. It was the conclusion of a “trip of a lifetime” to Japan.

  2. Hi Valerie
    Wonderful newsletter, your Japan trip sounded great.
    Mom is well and Erika and me.
    Syvlia sent us the newsletter
    I will certainly visit the newsletter and will pass on the address to some people in JHB who are keen quilters
    Go Girl Go Love Heather

  3. Dear Valerie,
    Hooray! It worked this time. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the converstional tone of your newsletter. It makes one feel very welcome. I have started on the graduation quilt and will send pics of it in progress and completed as well.
    Thanks! Jan

  4. I am just an infant trying to get around mysteries in my computer… but this does look like fun! I myself have been spending a lot of time recently with flickr…a world wide photo exchange site…. There are numerous textile related sub groups in this site… BUT, participation is reawakening my old fondness for photography and I can’t stop playing with it… However I did start a new landscape fibre piece today, so I guess all is not lost yet! I wish you lots of success with this new venture, and I will certainly check it often… now, back to work !
    Well one more thing… my photo on flickr ( note… NO e) today concerns a piece I did as a tribute to Joyce Wieland… Canadian quiltmakers do not realize the debt we owe to her ! It is my intention to SOON write an article about her, which I will send to The Canadian Quilter.
    Warmest regards, Bev White

  5. Great to hear from you Bev…. I adore photography and it’s been a big part of my life.
    I’d love to see you landsacpe quilt – maybe we could post it here. And, please send me info about the Joyce Weiland article – I’m so interested. she is a terribly important textile quilt artist who wae a trailblazer…I’d love to put a link up to your article. Val

  6. Your first newsletter was just perfect! Loved it. You certainly had an interesting trip and the photos are very much appreciated. This is as close as I will ever come to seeing Bali and Japan. Thanks very much for the link on your homepage, it’s appreciated. Mary.

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