Oh Mexico! — 13 Comments

  1. Wonderful, Valerie! Yes, color is the key and I don’t understand why we, in the United States, are so uptight about sticking to greys and raw brick. I remember once when some Brazilian friends came to visit and they felt that the houses all looked unfinished.
    Have a great trip to England! Sounds like a wonderful, inspiring time!

  2. There’s something, too, about the intense color in the sun. It just sings with joy. And the reflective colors are so wonderful too. Does it make you want to paint your house? Thank you for sharing your photos!

  3. The colours are awesome. We have so many brightly coloured houses in Africa that we seem to take the colours for granted. Painting houses in bright colours is also part of our ethnic culture.

  4. HI Val
    Nice to see that you are writing in your blog again. I have a hard time getting into facebook with my dial-up –
    Hope that you have a great trip to England, and thanks so much for the amazing photos of Mexico.

  5. Wonderful pictures Valerie – I love Mexico and her peoples. I’m thankful that I live on the East Coast of Canada and can see colour around me. I just painted my screen doors bright pink and the neighbourhood is abuzz.
    Happy travels and I’m loking forward to our visit when you get back.

  6. I am sure you enjoyed the V & A, it was good to see quilts set out on beds so you could see them as they were meant to be seen.
    If you have not been yet, make sure you visit the ironwork gallery for quilting pattern ideas
    sue morris

  7. Great pictures!! Would love to see more neighborhoods in CA like this. Many of the middle and upper-class neighborhoods have strict rules that everything must be earth tones. Kind of ironic that the land of the “free individual” frequently does not allow this type of self-expression. Only time you find splashes of color is driving through the many Latino neighborhoods in the region.

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