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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I particularly enjoyed seeing the markets, the people and dresses from shew-shwe and cotton prints. I had not idea the prints came in that many colors.

    • Hi Madeline and Rachel: I’d love to see your photos of the new colours of the shwe-shwe.
      Rachel: Great to hear from you!I’ll be writing more about these fabrics and sharing more photos here.

  2. the three cats were printed in Manchester only for resale in Africa. My Aunt came to visit South africa and bought an outfit made from Shwe-shwe( threecats) as she is from Manchester she was wearing it and was stopped randomly in the street to ask where she had bought the fabric. It turns out that he was from the company and explained to her how it was only for resale in Africa.

    • this was in 1980- I believe since then the rollers to make and print the fabric were sent to South Africa from Manchester.. And it now South african owned..

      • Thanks for this wonderful story about your Aunt wearing the Shwe-shwe in Manchester. It wasn’t sold in the UK, as it was export cloth for the South African trading stores. So interesting. I know there is a woman in SA who has researched the history of the cloth. Yes, DaGama now makes the cloth using the original rollers.

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