New York! — 5 Comments

  1. So glad you had a wonderful time, Val! New York is quite the experience isn’t it?! Don’t know how people can live there, though. 😉 We’re so lucky to be able to live where we do, aren’t we? I’m sorry I missed the Cooper Hewitt show — I didn’t know about it — it looks AMAZING! I’m back in St. John’s today and enjoying the green grass, blue skies, fresh air and sunshine. And I’m telling my dog that he doesn’t know how lucky he is not to be a New York doggie.

    • What a city! Special every time and so rich with art and culture. The noise level gets to me, though. Sorry we didn’t manage to meet up, that would have been fun. The Majors said to say Hi.

  2. Oh val

    I think you must have had a wonderful time in New York. I have only been once, but would go again in a heart beat and see art art art art art. I was there with April when she turned 25, We walked the high line too. We also found Habu textiles – a tiny shop in a second or third floor space with one of a kind threads and fabrics.

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