Limpopo market. 481Your tour of South Africa was very special. The opportunity to meet with women where they live was a privilege. You gave us a glimpse of a beautiful and very diverse country. Thank you. Marg, (2013)

It was a great group, the hotels were interesting, unusual, the art and craft scenes were almost beyond belief…. the scenery was outstanding, the food was wonderful…and the leadership was perfect…what more can I say? Thank you everyone, especially the leaders, for this unforgettable experience. Bev, (2013)

I can truthfully say that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the South African tour, the people that I travelled with, and the tour leaders. Even our driver became a dearly loved friend. Our guide for the two weeks was the most well-informed and generous advocate for the people and history of the country that we could have hoped to encounter. The trip was in my opinion very fairly priced, the accommodation was stellar, and the food seemingly never ending. Insofar as I spent a mere two weeks in the country, I think that I got a good feel for the culture; enough at least to inspire me to delve deeper into what I learned, and plan to renew my acquaintance in two years time. I hope for your sake that you decide to take this marvelous journey. The itinerary for the trip published on the web site is a reliable indicator of what you will do. Linda, (2013)

Am so pleased to provide you with feedback on my trip to South Africa. It was a wonderful experience, a highlight of my life. It was so heart-warming to meet so many of the women who make beautiful crafts to sell to us so that they can better the lives of their families. But aside from that, everyday was packed full of the wonders of South Africa. The whole excursion was so well planned and organized and I still can’t believe that I saw and did so much in two weeks. I wish that I were going again! Ruth, (2013)

This was definitely life changing for me. Meeting the women artists was such an affirming experience for me – I am so motivated as a result. Thank you so much! L. (2013)

Driving in the early morning through the Hluhluwe Game Reserve on the quite pathways, watching the sun come up over the mountains and hearing the many varieties of birdsongs is etched in my memory book forever. Ruth (2013)

Congratulations on organizing such an exciting and enlightening trip. For me it was a trip of a lifetime. I really enjoyed meeting all the other tour members. I came away from South Africa so impressed with the work being done by courageous and dedicated women to empower black women. Heartwarming! Marilyn, (2014)

Seriously, this trip is more than I could have imagined and I thank you for this great opportunity. Having our Guide Jean along made it extra special. I really had to think long and hard about what I liked best – we’ve done so much. Phyllis (2014)

This was an amazing tour. So much was covered in 16 days. The variety of scenery and people and events had my head spinning sometimes. Thank you so much. Nancy (2014)

Although I’m a non-crafts, non-artistic person I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. The mix of culture, sightseeing, the chance to meet people, the historical knowledge, was what I wanted, and I was not disappointed. The organization was superb and efficient. Jean was an A+ Guide. Thank you for a wonderful adventure. Arlene (2014)

It has been a truly delightful experience. Felt safe, stimulated, spoiled, excited, anticipatory, comfortable and very lucky to go everywhere we went. Too much fun every day. Thank you for opening our eyes to the wonders of your fantastic country. Maggie and Fred (2014)

Mega thanks for fantastic planning the fantastic South African affability and hospitality. We’ve had an incredible journey together and my life will never be the same having had this experience. Thanks for everything. Janice (2014)