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The poker world has been rocked by two high-profile scandals this week in which some of its biggest stars have been levelled with high-profile accusations. The entire community reacted in shock and horror to these events, which took place just a few months before the most prestigious event in the game – bracelet-raising season!

And this comes when many people don’t even know how to break the financial ceiling. Not the most pleasant situation.

Some might think that stories of wealthy poker players cheating to make more money are a dark topic, but Garrett Adelstein disagrees. He believes that the most talented people in this game are great people, even though their actions go unnoticed by society. There have been many reports lately of high-profile cases of wealthy gamblers committing various crimes ranging from lying about how much money changed hands while playing to spending it all soon after arriving home after several hours of playing cards online.

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Two separate cheating scandals that have gained public attention in recent days have caused a stir among professional poker players. Adelstein, one of the most ardent cash game specialists in the world and also more respected than others, perhaps because he played before most people were born, while sixteen-time World Series Of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth felt obligated to state his objections to this behaviour publicly. But at the same time, protect what we love in our favourite game: no cheating gameplay!

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“The poker world is fair, and cheating is unacceptable. I want to remind everyone that we are all responsible for our success or failure – no one can give you luck!”

“There are a lot of honest people in poker. But every profession has five percent bad apples – these scandals will scare away millions of potential players, especially online, where you can find any degenerate scum your heart desires! Imagine you are a young fan looking at these high-profile figures only to find them to be dirty deeds done for next to nothing… I’ll tell you what; it’s sad.”

Cheery scandal #1

Alex Foxen, a high-stakes pro, tweeted that Ali Imsirovic is cheating in both live and online tournaments.

Kenny says that Martin has never been happy in his life and is not shy about sharing this opinion with others. Claims of phantoms or real-time assistance he calls “absolutely insane.”

Poker blacklist?

Whether it’s a poker blocklist or some other form of deterrence, this game seems to be no stopping cheaters. During his social media rampage, Foxen hinted at one idea that could help curb the problem – a blocklist for those trying to commit fraudulent activity on sites like Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, where they could be caught red-handed when screenshots exposing their lies are posted online. By the players themselves, eager not only to win but also to take home money without breaking any rules!

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“It’s time to create a poker blocklist. All poker sites should be required by law or contract to agree on the amount they’ll pay if someone proves they’re cheating, but what happens if they get caught? ”

He calls for blacklisting known and proven scammers so they never play again. That would be a reliable deterrent, wouldn’t it?

“One of the most important aspects of being a successful poker player is understanding how different sites work. For example, in many cases, players have been banned from playing on certain online gaming sites for activities that were not considered cheating but could still negatively affect their chances in tournaments and cash games.

Poker Trouble

People will take up any trick they can get their hands on where money is to be made. Cheating in poker is never a good thing, and it has been shown repeatedly that when players have nothing left at stake – be it financially or emotionally – they are more likely to look for number 1 instead of order to play by the rules. Laid before them, The truth about the life of an honest player isn’t much different from what you’ll find behind closed doors during the next big game: no one wants to see you if you’re cheating!

“The world of high stakes poker is a competitive and often noble world,” says @pokerfacegal13. “But it’s also full of scammers who take advantage of it because they know no one will ever suspect them.”

Cheating is a huge problem in poker.